Basic Counselling Techniques

Did you know that has 2 After School Centres called, “Little Sahaabah After School Adventure Club?” that assists children with their school subjects & most importantly inculcating prophetic character and values in children through storytelling, guided reflection, hands on and outdoor activities while also working on their fine motor skills, teaching our very own Little Sahaabahs how to preserve the pure hearts they are born with, In Syaa Allah.

On 16 December 2017– Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Dept of Psychological Medicine, has offered to hold a talk for, parents of Little Sahaabah After School Adventure Club.

Title: How To Help Your Children Using Basic Counselling Techniques

A talk we can all benefit together as we educate and discipline our children. Learn effective parenting skills that addresses social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

We are delighted to invite you to this talk. Limited seats only! Priority will be given to Parents of Little Sahaabah

To register, whatsapp your full name and number of pax to 9755 8876 by 13 November 2017

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