Doing what you CAN not what you WANT.

Haven’t you heard that Islam is beautiful in its simplest of ways. You can do very little yet earn so much. Any kind of social courtesy or interaction, community service, seeking knowledge, showing kindness for the sake of Allah are all forms of Ibadah.

At times, we reflect and find our 'record' of good deeds pretty basic because we only carry out the bare minimum. What about the extras that could earn us a higher status in our Creator’s Eyes? "No"? “I cannot”? And the excuse we give is that we’re ‘busy’.

Yet, in our doas, we ask Allah to place us in Jannatul Firdaus- the highest of paradise. How can we ask for the best when we don't strive hard to attain it? Do the people in the highest of paradise only do the bare minimum?

🌱How should we worship Allah?
🌱Why do we not put in more effort and make more time for our ibadah?
🌱Do we live to please Allah or to simply please our nafs?

If these questions have ever crossed your mind and have yet to be answered then isn’t this talk a sweet sweet reminder for us from Allah swt not to take His tenderness and mercy to our convenience?

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