Ustaz Muhammad Bin Abdul Majid


His Experience

Ustaz Muhammad's counselling style is marked by a compassionate approach focused on unraveling the "knots" that cloud individuals' clarity and peace of mind. Through this method, he adeptly guides his clients towards overcoming obstacles and impasses, facilitating their journey towards healing and growth.

His passion for helping others extends to his involvement in counselling Muslim inmates, particularly those on death row, where he provides crucial support and guidance during their most trying times.

His Education

Ustaz Muhammad is a counsellor with a multifaceted background. Holding a Master’s in Counselling with a specialization in Trauma from Flinders University, he has honed his expertise in addressing complex emotional challenges. His educational journey also includes a Graduate Certificate and a Graduate Diploma in Counselling from Swinburne University, further enriching his knowledge and skills in the field.

In addition to his academic achievements, Muhammad is ARS certified and possesses over a decade of experience in teaching Quranic literacy and Islamic studies.

His Specialisation

Driven by a commitment to ongoing learning, Ustaz Muhammad maintains a keen interest in deepening his expertise, particularly in areas such as Islamic psychology, theories of human nature, and modern ideologies. He frequently incorporates the Quranic and prophetic perspective into his practice, integrating spiritual principles to offer holistic support to his clients.

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