Ustazah Siti Radhiah Mohamed Arifin

Her Experience

Ustazah Radhiah is a devoted freelance Islamic ARS certified educator with an impressive tenure of over 15 years, teaching a wide array of students ranging from kindergarteners to adult ladies. Her enthusiasm for education is not confined to the classroom; she values deeply the connections made with individuals from diverse age groups, linguistic backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. Ustazah Radhiah believes that expanding one's social interactions not only broadens the spectrum of experiences but also significantly contributes to personal development.

Her Education

Throughout her educational journey, Siti Radhiah has learned to appreciate the unique stories of each individual she encounters. Engaging with different life narratives has endowed her with precious insights and altered her life perspective, fostering a profound sense of gratitude for her own path. This epiphany ignited her ambition to enhance her ability to support and guide others, propelling her toward a career in counseling.

In January 2024, Siti Radhiah celebrated a pivotal achievement by graduating with a Master's degree in Counselling from Flinders University, with a specialization in Trauma and Complexity. Her academic path is further adorned with a Graduate Diploma and a Graduate Certificate in Counselling from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia, and a Diploma in Al-Quran & Hadith from the Islamic Institute of Higher Education Perlis, Malaysia.

Her Specialisation

Dedicated to offering comprehensive support, Ustazah Radhiah has pursued additional training as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, completed a Marital First Responder Level 1 Workshop, and received training in Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Level 1 from the William Glasser Institute. These certifications have equipped her with a versatile toolkit to aid individuals and couples through their challenges.

In her role as a counsellor, Ustazah Radhiah aspires to be a compassionate and supportive presence for those seeking positive life changes. She champions the principles of empathy, understanding, and resilience, committed to empowering her clients on their journey toward healing and personal growth.

Next Steps...

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