Noraini Abdul Wahab

Noraini (2)

Her Experience

Known for her gentle demeanor and warm personality, Ustazah Noraini is an unassuming figure of versatility and extensive experiences dedicated to promoting mental health and well-being across diverse communities. Crafting children's Islamic curriculums since 2012, she established Hijrah Pte Ltd and the Little Sahaabah Student Care Centre in 2015.

Her Education

Ustazah Noraini is currently completing a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology at the International Islamic University of Malaysia, where she focuses her research on developing an intervention module for integration into psychological treatments and evaluating the effectiveness of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) within the Singaporean Malay community. This phase of her academic journey, spanning from 2018 to 2024, represents a significant contribution to her field as she endeavors to enhance cultural sensitivity within therapeutic practices.

Her educational background includes graduating from Ma'had Bu'uth lil-Fatayaat Al-Azhariyyah in 2006 after completing six years of education in Cairo, Egypt. Under the guidance of esteemed scholars such as Al-Marhum Sheikh Redha Salim Ali of Shoubra and Syeikh Dr Yusuf Muhyiddin Riq El-Bakhur Al-Hasani Ash-Syazuliah, she delved into a wide range of studies, from Risalah Qusyairiah (Treaties of Qusyairi) to Haqaiq an at-Tasawwuf (Realities of Tasawwuf), and gained experience in translating books on Taubah and Hajj.

Ustazah Noraini attained her Master of Counselling with distinctions in Cognitive Behaviour Therapies and Counselling Skills from Monash University, following her completion of a Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences (Professional Counselling) from Swinburne University of Technology.

Her Expertise

Specializing as an Islamic psychologist, mental health clinician, and rehabilitation counselor, Ustazah Noraini has undergone specialized training with diverse rehabilitation and clinical teams. She holds a teaching certificate in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, and Islamic Psychology, showcasing her commitment to integrating innovative approaches into her practice. Active in facilitating both individual and group sessions, Ustazah Noraini extends her expertise to individuals navigating grief, major life events, distress, as well as mental and personality disorders. Her comprehensive training and ongoing commitment to professional development highlight her dedication to providing holistic mental health support within her specialized areas of focus.

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