Hijrah is a social enterprise which aims to provide support and preventive interventions to disadvantaged students and ladies.

We began by organising spiritual retreats, which served as a relief of distresses, through gentle social support and therapeutic alliances.

Hijrah’s character building and refinement program will equip its members with life skills, that allows them to graduate from recurring distressing states and cycles – to find fulfillment, purpose and meaning to life.

We run student care centres under the Little Sahaabah brand. Our quarterly ladies programme provides spiritual motivational service and counselling support.


We believe that life is a journey. Our successes, our joys, our mistakes, and our trials  – these are meant to teach us important skills and lessons – to propel us to the next developmental stage.

Each person is unique – Thus, our person-centered approach allows each individual, to contribute to collective efforts, to facilitate balance and harmony.