Power of Love

Am I a good muslim for knowing so little?⁣
I dont know how to start⁣
I dont know where to start? ⁣
There is still so much I dont know, is it normal? ⁣
I learnt so much but I still feel like there is so much I have not uncover.⁣
We all have our own set of journeys and each journey is specially designed by Allah S.W.T. Nevertheless, while we are on our journey, we all could relate to the questions above because at some point, we are also searching. At some point, we are also asking. But at any point of time we are seeking, know that Allah is increasing your rank for seeking and believing.⁣
While we all know seeking knowledge is obligatory for every muslim and seeking knowledge with the intention of benefiting oneself and the people is rewarded like performing additional prayers or fasting, dont forget to also set an intention to be invited to Jannah by Allah, set an intention for Allah's affection, Allah's friendship. Subhanallah. Wouldnt we want HIS love and invitation to HIS garden? ⁣
Come. Experience this journey of taqwa through knowledge. ⁣
**Talk will be in Bahasa Indonesia | Only 50 duo tickets for grabs!

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