Hijrah in harmony

Hijrah is a social enterprise whose mission is to provide pre- and post-crisis interventions, in order to promote well-being and harmony.

We support children, youth and ladies through (social, financial, developmental, psychological, spiritual) transitions, by expanding on skills and strengths.

Our Services

Professional Counselling

You are in the good hands of qualified, respectful counsellors. (Masters of Counselling graduates)

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Masterpiece Food for Kids

Cooking with Chef Priscill and Chef Mazlan

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Forum - Nov 2018

Beginning Again after Divorce - For ladies who are..

  • considering, going through or been through, this difficult phase of life.
  • supporting other ladies going through this phase.
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Workshop - Upcoming

Find Solace Within

From the perspective of Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali and Abu Zayd Al-Balkhi

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3 in 1 Youth Training Program

1) Get Fit! with Master Trainer Kevin Chiak from Fitness Movement.
2) Cook! with Chef Mazlan from SG Halal Culinary Federation.
3) Inspire! with Professional Counsellor Ustazah Noraini Abdul Wahab.

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